Salon de coiffure

In the 1960s there were still separate salons for ladies and gentlemen. Each with their own expertise, decoration and approach. Hairdressers at that time were still really trained in men’s or women’s hairdressing. Of course, the decoration of the salon reflects this. For gentlemen a sober and modest ambiance and for the ladies there’s much more room for atmosphere and decoration.

These two worlds come together in one hair salon. With this I want to start a tribute salon of the 1960s in which a lot of styling was done. Hairstyles were an important part of people’s identity. Then even more than now.

But it’s certainly a tribute to the hair salon that my parents started in the Staatsliedenbuurt in 1967 also. The love that my mother and father have put into this salon has been the inspiration to open a new hair salon in a special location.

The name of the new salon is a tribute to the entrepreneurship and passion that my parents showed at the time: Salon de coiffure.


In 1977 they made the switch to the other side of the IJ and started a successful hair salon over there. A place in full development at the time. Buikslotermeerplein hadn’t been around that long. A nice location with good parking.

In 1993 after I had gained experience as a hairdresser in the Netherlands and London, I started working with my parents in the hairdressing salon in the north of Amsterdam. I have since taken over the business. Next to the salon in Amsterdam-North we have opened a salon in Amstelveen that is now run by my sister.

NDSM Pontkade

In 2017 I graduated from the photo academy in Amsterdam with a final documentary project about Amsterdam-North.

Because of this I have seen the development of the NDSM. I was captivated by the creativity and liveliness of this location in combination with the beautiful historic craft.

At this special location I am now going to start the tribute salon in which I want to mix the atmosphere of the environment with the nostalgia of the 60s.

de kapsalon

The salon will consist of a ladies’ area on the ground floor and a men’s area on the first floor.

Each area will have its own modern look but will be in harmony with the industrial environment with a nod to the 60s.